“Trump’s oxygen levels dropped and he was given dexamethasone.”

P: Attendees who have since tested positive for the coronavirus

White House Diplomatic Room, Sept. 26

On Sunday, the medical team of President Trump issued an update of his condition, as the president’s personal physician admitted providing an excessively rosy one of his illness the day before. The briefing information revealed to some health professionals that the condition of the president could be more severe than a moderate Covid-19 scenario. Doctors said that Mr. Trump had “high fever” on Friday, and that there were two cases where his oxygen levels dropped — one on Friday and one on Saturday. They said that Mr. Trump obtained oxygen at the White House on Friday; they were not sure if it was administered again on Saturday. Medical experts said that despite the relatively high tone of Sunday’s news conference, the specifics of his treatment and the fact that his oxygen levels have decreased have indicated that the disease has advanced beyond the mild case of Covid-19.

P: Attendance who has positive COVID test

The World Health Organization released Sept. 2 recommendations recommending that dexamethasone be provided only to patients with “serious and urgent Covid-19.” The National Institutes of Health issued similar guidance stating that the medication is only prescribed for people who use a mechanical ventilator to help them breathe or need extra oxygen.

A major analysis of dexamethasone in Britain showed that the medication had enabled those who had been ill for more than a week to minimize deaths by one-third among patients on mechanical ventilators and one-fifth among patients obtaining extra oxygen by other means. The Regeneron antibody cocktail is being studied early in the infection process, since it battles the virus itself and might prevent it from spreading across the body. Remdesivir is also an antiviral drug, but has been widely used along with dexamethasone, which lowers the body’s immune response and is given later in the disease, because certain people ‘s immune systems are overdriven and assault their vital organs. Even though he had low oxygen episodes and was getting dexamethasone, the doctors said that Mr. Trump was doing well and could be released from the hospital and returned to the White House as early as Monday.

Source : NY Times

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