Lana Del Rey Wears a Net Mask While Meeting Fans

Based off of the USA Today article, “‘Wear a real mask’: Lana Del Rey flaunts mesh face mask to meet fans, takes social media heat” Lana Del Rey was seen wearing a net mask at a surprise reading event at a Barnes and Nobles in Los Angeles, on Saturday, October 3rd 2020. Her fans were deeply disappointed especially since it was the day after President Trump and the first lady were tested positive for Coronavirus. Once this was publicized on Twitter, many people were not happy and called her a “karen” and compared her mask to a foam fruit net.

The main purpose of wearing a face covering (a proper mask) is to help prevent the spread towards others. It is quite selfish of Lana to be saying, “We were born to die” since she is openly putting her fans and their families at risk. She is a big influencer and should act as a good role model towards others.

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