Covid-19 Misconceptions

Just like how the virus has been spreading rapidly across the world, rumors about the virus have been spreading fast too. Many of these rumors are not true because people’s understanding of the virus changes.

One big misconception was that masks prevent you from getting Covid-19. Although wearing masks reduce the risk of getting infected, they do not prevent the virus from spreading. Scientists found out that both single layered and double layered masks still do not prevent 100% of the amount of droplets that a person breathes. 

Another misconception is that seniors are more vulnerable to catch Covid-19 than younger adults and children.Yes, seniors are more prone to dying while infected, but that doesn’t nullify the risk for younger people. Everyone has the same risk of receiving Covid-19, regardless of age. 

Last but not least, the fact that only getting Covid-19 if you’ve been in close contact with a carrier, is incorrect. Respiratory droplets can dawdle in the air for hours and especially in places with low air circulation, the droplets can travel more than 20 feet. 

Now that some misconceptions are cleared, continue to perform safety protocols to help reduce the risks of getting infected.

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