California’s Blackouts

Remote learning has become the norm for the majority of schools across the country, as well as remote working and staying home. While this is in hindsight probably the best option that was available, this didn’t come without a cost. The idea that students are still able to learn while staying home definitely is keeping the education sector running . But when everyone is at home doing activities online, it creates a shortage in supply of energy.

When students are at school, it would use less energy and electricity since they aren’t using devices to listen to lessons, rather they are physically attending. According to Politico, “California has endured planned blackouts in recent years as a wildfire prevention measure. But it was the Golden State’s first round of rolling blackouts related to supply since 2001, when Enron and other energy traders manipulated California’s market.” Because of the immense amounts of energy being used, there were occasional blackouts during the day. This caused certain students  experiencing difficulty learning because of either internet cuts or general electricity.

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