People Who Are Experiencing More Hardships Than Others

People Experiencing More Hardships Than Others

The current pandemic, while it is affecting everyone one way or another, there are certain groups of people that are hit especially hard by it. According to the CDC, there are many factors that contribute to this which include discrimination, healthcare access and utilization, occupation, social gaps, and housing.

Discrimination is something the CDC describes as inevitable as it is present in almost all systems that are meant to protect ones health. Discrimination includes racism which isolate those people in the minorities who develop a higher chance of getting Covid-19. There are also some who don’t even have access to the healthcare or are uninsured. This can be for a number of reasons such as lack of transportation to access it or complications because of ones occupation.

It is hard for everyone to meet all conditions for their healthcare but in a time as we are in now, it is absolutely crucial that everyone is able to access it.

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