Anti-mask Protesters March at a Target in Florida

A recent viral video shows anti-mask protesters in Florida that decided to march in Target, singing Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” as they walk down the isles mask-less, disregarding people’s safety.

(video found on this link from Fox13 News)

As the Fox13 News article states, “Dee Snider, the band’s frontman, took to Twitter as video of the stunt emerged, saying they did not have permission “or blessing to use my song for their moronic cause.””

Quoted from the Anti-mask protesters fined after marching through Florida Target by Fox13 News

It is later found out that three people that were identified in the video were charged $100 citations for violating social distancing and failing to wear masks. Florida has one of the highest numbers of cases in the USA at the moment and protests like these will only make it worse.

It is crucial to wear a mask during these times, not to help only yourself, but to help others from suffering. There are elders that are more susceptible to contracting the virus compared to younger adults so keeping them healthy is important. It is selfish to refuse to wear a mask thinking that, “it’s too hard to breathe” because it will be a lot harder for those who get COVID-19 to breathe because of you and get support during these hectic times.

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