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Is My Kid Going Through Corona Blue?

Source from Health Chosun Newspaper

With the prolonged COVID19, interpersonal relations have been reduced due to refraining from going out, meeting, and lack of exercise, and a growing number of people are complaining of anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress.

In particular, children and adolescents suffer from anxiety, depression, and insomnia like adults, but there is also a characteristic stress response of children and adolescents.

It is dangerous because neglecting stress in children and adolescents can lead to chronic depression, leading to adulthood, and even extreme choices. In the Korona19 era, parents or teachers who raise children should understand the stress response of only children and adolescents and help them not develop into depression by forming emotional consensus through dialogue.

Children may experience different symptoms of depression by age group. First of all, preschoolers should carefully watch their children’s behavior because they cannot express their emotions enough in words. Nightmares, finger sucking, irritating, aggressive, hyperactivity, and changing eating habits can appear.

Elementary school students can mainly refuse to go to school, or lose concentration, and their attachment behavior, fear, and aggression that regress like a baby can increase. Adolescents show flight, aggressive behavior, etc., and stress reactions occur due to unprovoked physical pain or learning difficulties. Conversation with teens and children will help to express their feelings, and if the stress response is severe and persists, you should visit the hospital quickly for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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