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“Corona Blue” Psychological Quarantine Is Necessary

As the epidemic of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19, Corona 19) is prolonged, an increasing number of people complain of mental fatigue. The government decided to collectively refer to the mental health problems caused by Corona 19 as “‘Corona Blue”‘. It also revealed that it is in the process of establishing a new disease code.

Corona Blue was also found to have a direct impact on the lives of younger generations. “Youth and Corona 19: Impact on Jobs, Education, Human Rights, and Mental Health” released on August 12 by the International Labor Organization (ILO), says about half of young people aged 18 to 29 around the world feel depressed, such as anxiety and frustration. It was investigated that he felt pain in the uncertain future caused by COVID 19.

We should also be careful about fake news. In a pandemic era, we are more vulnerable to fake news. It’s like driving in a dark or foggy situation where you become more anxious and focused than driving during the day when you can see clearly. In this case, there is a high probability that even a small stimulus will feel a great danger and make negative predictions. It increases the likelihood that you will believe and act on fake news that we would normally ignore and not believe.

In addition, even if it is not fake news, daily related news can be a stimulus to cause psychological trauma, so we should set a certain time and use it as a time to collect information while watching the news. Continuously seeing shocking news or scenes without planning or preparation can create a situation that develops psychological shock by itself.


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