How does everyone feel about masks?

Millions of people are bothered of masks day by day. They are uncomfortable, steam up, and get dirty, but this is necessary to keep everyone safe from the coronavirus. While some choose not to wear one it is important that we all do to keep each other safe. While the bay area has mostly closed down going to school physically, other areas have been going to schools with proper procedures to minimize the risk of getting the virus.

On an article by Robert L. Kiltzman, “If You See Someone Not Wearing a Mask, Do You Say Something?” Robert states that he felt pressured to not wear a mask after walking into an environment without other mask wearers. He explored that most of mask wearing is peer pressure and if everyone began to wear a mask it will affect the way others feel about masks. With proper education and pressure everyone can keep each other safe.

Adding onto pressuring others to wearing masks, a study by sociologist Erving Goffman he pointed out, “Within groups, people generally seek to “pass” and to avoid behaving in ways that others may see as stigmatizing, “tainting” or bad. Many people hesitate to don masks because of implicit group pressures and concerns about what others may think. Generally, people want to be liked and accepted, not rejected or shunned. They seek to appear friendly and open, not hostile, paranoid or afraid. Yet these deep-seated emotional reactions are now hurting us in ways that public health experts and the rest of us urgently need to address far more than we have.”

If we all started to wear masks we can have the opposite affect on people that do not wear masks. The more morals and meaning we put behind masks can affect the way others think. Some people even began to put messages on masks encouraging others to join in on wearing them.

With better education and pressure into wearing masks we might finally be able to find a solution to slow spread of the virus in the United States. We should all make sure to wear masks and teach others to do as well.

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