What Happens to People After They Recover from Covid-19?

There are many people who believe that after they recover from Covid-19, it is done and dealt with. But that is not the case. There are definitely individuals who believe that Covid-19 is a one-time thing and aren’t taking the proper care measures needed to ensure safety.

The first long term effect of Covid-19 is heart trouble. According to the Hackensack Meridian Health, a study from the University of Frankford in Germany showed abnormal heart results in more than 75% of people studied who had recovered from Covid-19. These findings were an unusual inflammation in the heart which is deadly since it can lead to long term heart disease and even failure.

Next is lung issues. It was found that covid-19 attacks the respiratory system, or to put it simply, the system you need to breathe properly. With Covid-19, it takes it place in the lungs, then the air sacs inside the lungs begin to fill with water which greatly limits their ability to take in oxygen. This is almost like drowning. People who have recovered from Covid-19 have reported that even after recovering, they still experience frequent coughs and pain when breathing which shows that Covid-19 still has deadly after effects.

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