Covid-19 AND Wildfires?

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The notorious Covid-19 which has caused countries all over the world to be on guard isn’t the only problem citizens of California have to worry about. According to Vox, the fires were started by lightning which had struck dry areas. With the intense heat of its weather, the terrain was easily set on fire and as of Aug 26, it has burned nearly 365,000 acres in the southern Bay Area. 

Additionally, over 650 fires in the state have burned 1.25 million acres in the state. According to Washington Post, most of California is marked with red flags meaning dangerous or hazardous air quality. There may be people who look down on poor air quality saying it will be fine, but it has devastating long term impacts.

For one, breathing in poor air can result in lung problems such as breathing issues, allergy flareups, asthma, heart disease, and even cancer. It is now more crucial than ever to stay at home and to make sure to wear a mask when leaving the home ONLY when necessary.,including%20heart%20disease%20and%20cancer.

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