Research on Racial and Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Kenya

Seung Ah Choi


The main aim of this paper is to assess the economic and racial impacts on infections and deaths due to COVID-19 in Kenya. The paper will use both quantitative and qualitative research designs and methods to describe the extent of the pandemic. Currently, the impact and spread of infections and increase in dearth cases are feared to be exacerbated by the huge number of people living in poverty; a weak health infrastructure; overcrowding in informal settlements; and poor access to basic services such as clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

However, the country has been encountered by massive disruption of the economic activities in terms of GDP decline, massive job losses, and racial discriminations of different Kenyan citizens in different countries which is not a solution to the problem but a catalyst to infections and deaths. While the country had started experiencing the economic and racial impacts before and after the COVID-19, the rapid spread of the virus has put Kenya into economic and racial troubles. COVID -19 has been greatly impacted by the Kenyan economy and racial lines negatively as indicated in financial markets, disruption of global supply chains, a reversal of prior monetary and fiscal policies, volatility of Kenyan currency, and reduction in Diasporas remittances. Truly, COVID-19 has immensely affected the Kenyan economic and racial spheres.

Keywords: Covid -19, Racism, Economy, GDP, Household Consumption

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