Teen Builds Functional Dr. Octopus Suit

Erik Finman, a self-made teen millionaire, inspired by Spider-Man uses his money to create a real-life Doctor Octopus prosthetic suit for an 11-year old boy. Finman, after becoming a self-made millionaire by the age of 19, rather than going to college chose to use his wealth for good. In 2018, Finman, at the request of a young boy, build the Doctor Octopus limbs from the Spider-Man comics and movies as a practical prosthetic.

Erik Finman is the world’s youngest Bitcoin Millionaire. When he was 12, he invested $1,000 in the cryptocurrency and won himself 100 Bitcoin. By 2017, the cost of a single Bitcoin rose to 400 Bitcoin, and he was worth over $3 million by the age of 18.

This was when he chose to use his money for welfare by recreating the Doctor Octopus limbs from Spider-Man as a functional prosthetic, instead of going to college.

He is now in a real-life recreation of the mechanical arms used by the supervillain Doctor Octopus from the Spider-Man movies. Finman joined a team of engineers to develop these arms, which have been building using 3-D printed and are powered by a set of motors that enables the arms to lift lightweight objects.

What is even more surprisong is that this suit is not for himself, but for 11-year old Aristou Meehan, the son of one of Finman’s mentors who is troubled with hypermobility issues.

The suit was constructed so Meehan could easily command the four limbs using the middle fingers on each hand – connected via the gloves used in the suit. Meehan originally took the idea to Finman, in fact, with the faith that a prosthetic like this would assist relieve some of the difficulties he faces. As of now, Finman has said that the arms are more or less an honored tech demo but believe that they could reach their true potential in the future, with more support and funding.

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