Russian Covid Vaccine; how trustable and effective is it?

The Lancet, a medical journal, published last Friday that the new Russian coronavirus vaccine provides antibodies, with only minor side effects. 

Despite Russia’s incredible speed in producing the vaccine, Russia’s results are not taken seriously, for they have stated their vaccine is effective, without testing for a very important phase: Phase 3. 

Phase 3 is a phase which is only tested when Phases 0 to 2 are successful. This phase requires a couple hundred of randomly chosen study participants. Phase 2 only tests a few people, and Russia was jumping to conclusions when they proved the vaccine’s effectiveness with only a handful of people. Adding on, one of Phase 3’s key variables is that the study is double-blinded; the study participants and the doctors both do not know if the participant is receiving the newly made vaccine or the placebo. After Russia realized and admitted their mistake, they decided to begin their Phase 3 testing next week.

Throughout the study participants who have been tested on during Phase 1 and 2, so far the side effects of the vaccines have been minor. According to CNN, “half of the participants developed fevers and 42% developed headaches. In addition, about 28% experienced weakness and 24% had joint pain.” Although this may seem like good news, the Editor in Chief of The Lancet tells people not to get their hopes too high.

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