How the Wuhan coronavirus is different to other major outbreaks and pandemics in the last 50 years

As we know, the coronavirus has impacted everyone in negative ways, even with many solutions, we failed to contain the virus. So what exactly is different about this one? Well, COVID-19 in the US mostly spread due to poor judgment and lack of restrictions making thousands of people get sick. If everyone worked together, we would better overcome this pandemic caused by COVID-19. 

When we handled the previous viruses, we were all able to come up with vaccines and put mandates to ensure everyone’s safety. Even with better technology, we are unable to contain this virus. The virus has spread because of late recognition as well as slow response. We could’ve slowed the speed of the spread by better educating others on the importance of masks and the permanent impact it leaves on your body. According to, researchers claimed that the coronavirus leaves permanent impacts to your lungs. Even after getting better from the coronavirus, which is similar to SARS, the lungs continue to suffer even up to 15 years. To solve the amount of suffering, there has to be better leaders because, with proper mandates, we can die down the virus.

Proper leadership is indeed very important in eliminating the virus. Many other countries began attempting to reduce the spread immediately by enforcing stay at home orders, mask mandates, contact tracing, and testing. Without these, we cannot reduce the spread and ultimately fail to keep harmful viruses away from us. Currently, the United States has the highest amount of cases as well as the least restrictions. In countries like Korea, the government makes you self isolate for 2 weeks upon arriving from a different country since limiting social contact can almost guarantee safety for everyone. Even with just a mask mandate, we can reduce the number of cases and lower the curve. With better education on the virus at school, students can maybe educate their parents or even themselves in wearing a mask. Hopefully, schools will understand the severity of the situation where many do not know the impact the virus leaves on your body. 


By enforcing better safety measures at schools and educating students on the permanent impacts as well as risks, we can convince non-mask wearers about the importance of masks. Maybe during non-academic sessions, we can raise awareness of the impact of not protecting yourself from the virus. This can also help people understand how to deal with future outbreaks. With more fear-driven education, we can finally help people understand the lasting effect of this virus.

With proper education, leadership, and response, we can overcome this virus. As people will be distancing themselves from others, fewer and fewer people will get sick. With everyone working together, we can all finally be at peace. The fewer cases there are the less likely you are to get sick.


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