Where should we draw the line between privacy and personal safety?

In the United States everyone has the right over themselves, and many choose to not wear masks during the pandemic. The question is, what crosses the line of human rights and what is considered selfish. Currently, thousands of businesses are closed due to the pandemic and many are staying closed till the pandemic is over.  Some businesses relied on people getting together and have gone out of business. Many businesses also require health and safety checks that some employees refuse to do forcing them to make them leave. 

Companies are being driven into enforcing many health and safety procedures to try and limit the spread of the coronavirus. Companies like Amazon are planning to spend up to around 1 billion this year just to conduct tests to see who may be sick. Some people that refused to do this were not allowed in and often laid off. On the nytimes article, “Where Should We Draw the Line Between Community Health and Safety and Individual Liberty and Privacy?” questions, “Where should we draw the line between community health and safety and individual liberty and privacy?” The simple answer is that everyone should agree to take on these safety measures in order to keep everyone else safe. But what if this gets too invasive.

Some companies have created health and safety systems to almost immediately identify an individual and measure their temperature to make sure they are safe to enter. Some people find this very invasive since how well machines know your current health. Companies are also requiring questionnaires to make sure that you do not have the virus. These questionnaires seem invasive to workers since they collect information about what you have been doing. There are also concerns that some of these tactics may be ineffective and can cause you to believe that you are not sick. Even with all these procedures to keep workers and customers safe some customers also continue to cause problems.

In some cases customers are beginning to state that not wearing a mask is their right. Although the government has not made a mask mandate yet wearing a mask is highly encouraged to keep you and others safe. Without a mask you can get others sick or yourself sick. Although this may violate your rights as a citizen keeping others safe should be more important. Other countries like South Korea have done this successfully and have reduced covid cases tremendously. Without a mask mandate many people end up getting sick of corona and ultimately dying. Without proper safety procedures like closing physical schools and requiring masks we might never reopen. 

Ultimately, health and safety should be done thoroughly to make sure that everyone is safe and healthy. Proper checks and preventions need to be done to make it so that people are not getting sick. With better safety we can all reopen sooner and have a more free life. Everyone should work together to make sure that we are all safe from diseases. 


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