How Will Elections Be Working This Year?

The current pandemic has been not only responsible for things like switching to online schools and remote working, but also important events, like the 2020 election. Presidential elections are arguably the most important events for many in the US as a country’s well being depends on them. But with Covid-19 where social distancing is so important, how will the presidential election even work?

The solution the US government came up with is a mailing system where citizens mail their votes in. According to the Wall Street Journal, this has its own issue though. With the new system of mailing votes in, it apparently takes more time to tally votes because of the time it takes to receive them and verifying the signatures. On top of that, the system isn’t reliable enough because there are people who aren’t receiving the election mail. For example “Ohio’s top election official, Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose, said in a recorded meeting that recently he has had days where his own home hasn’t received any mail.” Although there are some shortcomings to this idea, it is crucial that this is addressed quickly.

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