Smart Mattress With IoT Technology

There’s no standardized definition of the term ‘smart mattress’ but it’s unofficially used to describe a mattress that incorporates sensors to analyze your sleep patterns, provide information about the quality of your sleep, and in some cases, actively improve your sleep.

The smart mattresses currently on the market do this in a variety of ways. Some provide sleep tracking functions to measure sleep duration, sleep cycles, by monitoring your body movement, heart-rate and breathing.

E1 OMS co. introduces DIVE, an AI mattress at “SLEEP 2020” exhibition at COEX, Seoul, Korea, from 21st to 23rd of August, 2020.

The most significant function of AI bed mattress is that it measures the user’s sleep patterns in real time.

DIVE leverages Internet technologies (IOT). Sensor and controller manage the conditioning of environment such as air conditioner, curtains, lights, etc, to help the user have the best sleeping condition.

The smart bed mattress market is extremely dynamic at present, with new and old companies competing and innovating to bring consumers the best sleep technology products into the bedroom.

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