“Peninsula” Premieres in San Jose. Is It Worth The Watch?

Recently, Korean movies have been getting more recognition, like “Parasite” and “Train to Busan”. Yeon Sang-Ho, producer of “Train to Busan,” announced there being a sequel (“Peninsula”) to “Train to Busan” back in March 2020 and anticipated for it to release August 12 2020 in the USA, but got pushed back due to the quarantine for the global pandemic. Thankfully, West Wind Drive-In Theatre in San Jose got to showcase “Peninsula” from August 21-23 and I got the chance to watch it myself.

[Summary with NO spoilers] When the zombie apocalypse took over Busan and most of South Korea, survivors needed to evacuate by going on a boat to locate somewhere else nearby to stay safe and abandon Korea. 4 years later, Jeong-Seok, a soldier, and his brother in law, Kim Do-yoon, set back to Busan and need to survive for 3 days in order to receive $2.5 million. However, Busan isn’t completely abandoned.

After watching the trailer, I didn’t have very high expectations because I thought it would be solely action-based instead of story-based. Plus, usually, sequels are not better than the original, and honestly, what can beat “Train to Busan?”  Although I do rest my case with the statement that the original was better than the sequel, “Peninsula” was a lot better than I expected. If I were to give it a rating, I would give it a 7.6/10 because it was intense, but a little dragged on in some scenes and a little predictable.

Is it worth the watch? Yes! Although it is different from “Train to Busan,” “Peninsula” is still a good movie in a different aspect. “Peninsula” has more intense action, while “Train to Busan” never fails to put people in their “feels”. Despite its flaws, Peninsula is still a good movie that has multiple surprises and crazy concepts that will keep you on your toes.


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