LETSBTS: Repurposed Golf Carts that Address the Innovative Way for Schools to Have Students Back On Campus.

LETSBTS (Lets-Back-To-School) are repurposed, golf carts that address the innovative way for schools to have students back on campus. Each cart holds a desk; it is manufactured and equipped within a few days and can be assembled and disassembled rapidly. LETSBTS have cubicle-like standards with bio-containment (management practices that prevent the spread of infectious agents).

They can be shipped anywhere and deployed within a few hours, placed inside of the classroom Moreover, since these units are so easy to relocate, they are a feasible solution for impoverished, hard-to-reach urban areas, including informal settlements that lack any kind of educating facilities.

I have designed a product which will enable us to go back to school. The idea is very simple. What we want to do to go to school and meet friends and teachers! So we started thinking about, while we were playing golf with our parents, can we use a golf cart, actually a cart for a school?

We can start this project in an open-source way. We can gather people from design, from engineering, from different disciplines, from the medical field, really help this. So the idea is, can we actually share our knowledge and make it accessible to other people?

Product Designed & Project Implemented by Seung Ah Choi & Myung Suh Choi

Photographed by Seung Ah Choi

Categories: Society, Tech&Innovation