Will we remember the Coronavirus Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic left a huge impact on the entire world. People have adapted to wearing masks and keeping social distancing to prevent spreading the virus. After the outbreak, people are most likely going to stop sharing foods and drinks and be more germaphobic. Because of the impact it left on the population, the virus will be remembered. With the new regulations such as social distancing, masks, and also less sharing, it seems that people understand the risks well.

After the virus is over, more people will space themselves out to prevent getting diseases. Also, people will be more socially awkward when someone touches them or goes near them since they are used to being 6 ft apart from everyone. Less people will be comfortable going to restaurants, and food delivery will become more common. Also, to those who are also used to staying home, in-restaurant seating would seem inconvenient. Even with all these social changes, the article suggests that artifacts should be kept to remember the virus. Museums like the Autry are starting to collect artifacts to remember the virus. One being a 6-year old’s diary entry explaining the struggles of the virus.

The article “How will we remember the coronavirus pandemic” by the NYtimes talks about the way that museums will present the virus using objects like masks, sanitizers, or diary entries. The collection of these items will directly show the lifestyle that the virus has impacted us. Personal items help show the impact and trauma that victims faced during the pandemic, while items like sanitizer and masks can symbolize the caution that people were taking in fear of the coronavirus. 

With new social changes and museum artifacts, everyone will be able to remember the virus and take better precautions in the future. The trauma shared by everyone during the virus will make their experience with COVID-19 unforgettable. 


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