School Reopening(Was it a Mistake?)

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The US with more than 5 million cases and over 150k deaths because of Covid-19 has decided to try reopening schools. The outcome of this was devastating. But before going over these results, considering why the government suddenly decided to do this and realizing that this article is not stating that schools are unimportant is crucial.. presents 5 benefits of going to school. First is to learn basic skills. For a student who is still developing and learning basics, online learning can be extremely difficult because the effectiveness of the lessons are diminished. Not only is it harder to interact in an online environment, it is also harder to focus.

Second, schools are the prime method of learning for students. A place where students can ask for help and take notes on lectures is a perfect environment for learning. Education is a fundamental that every child should be able to gain because of its usefulness in the world.

Third, schools are able to help students develop their own talents.  Teaching-Jobs states that at school, clubs are able to help students focus on their talents. Examples they give are football, basketball, and book clubs. Each of these clubs are designed to help students further their interests.

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Fourth, schools give students a chance to learn from people who specialize in topics. Teachers are people who have learned enough about the topic to teach others about it and this definitely aids a student’s learning. On top of listening to lectures, students are able to ask questions and receive informative answers that help their studies.

And finally, at schools students are able to make friends. It is important to build relationships as people who are close to you will be able to help you in certains times. On top of that, with friends who share the same interests as you, students will feel more confident to take further steps in the path they want for their future.

But all those reasons aside, reopening schools in this time was a mistake. Social distancing was a recommendation made in order to stop the spread of Covid-19. But with students crowding hallways trying to get to their next class or 30 students all in one room is a recipe for disaster. Shortly after the reopening of schools, we saw the number of Covid-19 cases skyrocketed. Whitney Robinson, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina’s school of public health, stated “I’m shocked that anyone would be shocked to find COVID cases in schools.” So despite all the benefits that school does provide schools reopening have escalated the effects of the pandemic.

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