Chuck E. Cheese Bankruptcy and FNAF Theories

Based on this CNN article, Chuck E. Cheese has confirmed that they filed for bankruptcy due to the Coronavirus pandemic on June 25, 2020. While this might be upsetting for most people that view that place as a childhood memory, fans of the popular video game, Five Nights At Freddy’s (FNAF), have been creating various theories connecting the two concepts. Five Nights At Freddy’s is a very famous horror video game about a night shift worker(the player) for an almost bankrupt children’s pizzeria trying to survive five nights there and not get killed by the animatronics. With Chuck E. Cheese going bankrupt, FNAF fans have been brewing up many different theories such as linking the concepts together, becoming a real-life version of FNAF, and (debunked) theories about reports on missing children.

People started becoming invested in believing that Chuck E. Cheese is not as kid-friendly as it seems once this tweet by @Diamonzia went viral. Below, the tweet shows screenshots of three articles about missing children, dead workers, and strange detected movement from the animatronics. Although the screenshots do look real, it was debunked once people found out that those articles are nowhere to be found and were most likely photoshopped.

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 10.16.48 PM

credits to @Diamonzia on Twitter

I personally love theories like these, especially this one because I am a big fan of FNAF myself and Chuck E. Cheese was a big factor of my childhood so seeing those two getting compared is interesting to me. I’ve heard others bring up a very good idea to turn Chuck E. Cheese locations into FNAF themed escape rooms and change the audience to target teenagers and fans of the game. With both places being very similar, I think that has great potential to be very successful and realistic.

credits to @steelwoolstudio on Twitter


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