“When the Pandemic Ends, Will School Change Forever?”

In the NY Times article, “When the Pandemic Ends, Will School Change Forever?” the writer discusses how some students enjoy remote learning because it allows them to work at their own pace. However, after reading a lot of the comments, I agree with the people when they say that the students aren’t learning as much and will most likely not remember the content as well.

Question: Is there anything about remote learning that you think does not work? Are there practices you definitely hope will end as soon as possible?

I personally think that remote learning is not very beneficial because the learning content doesn’t stick to our brains as well. We have been in quarantine for 65 days. How much learning material can you remember? Not as much as when we were in school for that long. Although it is less stressful because we are in a pandemic, I’m not sure if online school is really necessary because we are most likely going to forget a lot of the material we learned during this time. I do understand that we need academic hours but being in San Jose, my school district has been requiring a whole schedule and more work. I think we need to think about what the priority is. Is it less learning material so students can focus on staying healthy, or is it trying to make good use out of the required academic hours so we have something to do?

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Image by Ori Toor

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