What Are Some Ways to “Travel” Without Travelling During the Pandemic?

In this CNN article, “What Are Some Ways to “Travel” Without Traveling During the Pandemic?” the author writes about how hobbies/activities can redefine traveling in a way that doesn’t involve physically traveling to a new country.

Question:What are some ways to “travel” without traveling during the pandemic? Give at least two recommendations for what people can do over a weekend, wherever they are. Use the reader ideas above as a “mentor text” and provide a specific time, place and clear explanation of why other students might find your activity meaningful.

My way of “ traveling” is through creativity. I love to do art and once I start a piece, I refuse to leave the room until I’m finished. It’s calming and satisfying when I see the finished outcome and it really tests my patience sometimes. Another way I travel is through music. My mood is greatly influenced by music so just sitting down and listening to songs with chill vibes can have you in your own little world for hours. It’s a great stress-reliever and often brings back memories as I play different songs.


Artwork by Jacquelyn Ryu

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