What Era Do You Wish You Had Grown Up In?

In this CNN article, “What Era Do You Wish You Had Grown Up In?” the writer discusses how many people wished they grew up in a different era and asks us what our opinions are.

Question: What era do you wish you grew up in? Are you happy to be coming of age in 2020, or do you envy a previous time? Tell us why. (Be as specific as possible: Is it the culture and style of an era that attract you? The ethos and values? The people and events?)

One show that I am absolutely obsessed with is Stranger Things. I watched all three seasons in about 3 days because it was that good. The vibes of the 1980s are immaculate. They were the “simpler” times that I wish for. Despite the fantasy/fiction with the plot, the older televisions, walkie talkies, and just being able to explore fully without cellphones or social media sounds so fun. I feel like modern day teens are so toxic and ready to “cancel”/judge people over anything. Although there are judgemental people in the 1980s as well, it’s not a “trend” and overall I think the people would be a lot nicer. However, I do love 2020 as well because of the convenience of things, but I think 1980s love would be a lot better. 2020 is known for the “hookup culture” which I am not about.Untitled_Artwork-1.jpg

Artwork by Jacquelyn Ryu

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