“Should Students Be Required to Take the SAT and ACT to Apply to College?”

In the NY Times article, “Should Students Be Required to Take the SAT and ACT to Apply to College?” the writer discusses how the SAT/ACT can be a misleading source to see if a student is considered smart. Some people pay for practice ahead of time and can be unfair for others.

Question: Critics believe there is an inherent bias in standardized testing and, as you read, some people find the exams racist. Why do you think they believe this? What is your stance? Do you think there may be a solution and if so, what is it?

Recently, some colleges have announced that they are not going to be looking at SAT and ACT scores when looking at college admissions. As the article says, I agree with the fact that most of the people that do well on the SAT and ACT pay money to get practice and master it beforehand. I think that colleges should not look into SAT/ACT scores nearly as much as they do right now because standardized testing does not determine a person. There are many people that are smart but don’t do as well on standardized testing (and it is not because they don’t study). There are also people who can cheat on those tests. Therefore, I think that grades should not define whether a person is considered smart or not.

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