Kim Jong-un Resurfaces, State Media Says, After Weeks of Health Rumors

North Korea’s current leader, was rumored to be ill of a heart problem until recently, when he was spotted at a ceremony in a factory. It was on April 15th everybody realized something must have been going on since Kim Jong-un hadn’t shown up at the big ceremony of Kim Il-sung’s (the founder of North Korea) birthday. Since it was a very big deal, there has been rumors going around about it since.

In 2014, Kim Jung-un was known unseen for more than a month. It was later known in South Korea that he had an ankle surgery, and had footage of him walking around with a cane. Like this, there has been many rumors in the North Korean society. Even a North Korean defector who recently received a seat in the South Korean Parliament said that he was “99% sure he had died last weekend.” However, all of this turned out to be false.


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