Coronavirus-Where Did it Come From?

Corona Virus-Where Did It Come From

Corona Virus or Covid-19 is the notorious illness that caused a global pandemic. This virus got its name from when it was observed through an electron microscope. The virus’s edge has rays jutting out of the sides which is said to be similar to the corona from the sun. It is confirmed that Covid-19 began in Wuhan China. But how? As it turns out Covid-19 isn’t the only virus that is said to have originated from bats. According to Board Article, other virus called Mers and Sars also originated from bats.

Each of the two viruses had originated from bats but humans weren’t directly affected by them. In each case, there was a different middle host or the organism that transferred the virus from the bats to humans. In Mers, it was camels, and in Sars, it was stray cats who carried the virus.

Now in the new CoronaVirus, the middle host turns out to be the endangered species pangolin. Pangolins are an endangered species that inhabit China. The Shantou University of China and University of Hong Kong performed a joint research project. They took organs from pangolins and studied to see what the virus exactly was. Sure enough, according to their results, the new coronavirus was a 92.4% match to the Sars Coronavirus. The results of these studies were almost too similar to that of the earlier Sars virus. So in the end, coronavirus isn’t actually a completely new virus. We’ve had one that was almost identical in the past but just gave it the cold shoulder.

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