How Will Covid-19 Affect the Future of U.S.

The Conversation

The novel Coronavirus is something that is always in the corner of everyone’s mind. As Politico states, all major calamities leave behind a change in society. An example that is given is 9/11, a devastating disaster that shook everyone across the country. This left behind a sense of caution. Many people had once just thought of these events as things that happened someplace far away but 9/11 changed everyone’s mindset. 

This can be compared with the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the virus, people didn’t think twice about walking around freely and attending large festivals. But it has now become a norm to stay at home and only go outside when it’s necessary. With these current conditions, we can expect them to last into the distant future. 

This pandemic will also shape how we view hospitals and doctors differently. Doctors used to be people who would help those who came to the hospital for aid. But now, we see doctors and hospitals working hard to not only cure sick patients, but also to protect the rest of the citizens from the spread of Covid-19. 

It is normal for people to want to go back to the “good old days” where everything felt normal such as attending schools in person. But once the wheels of the global pandemic were in motion, there was no going back.

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