Covid-19 Pandemic Poses Difficult Challenges on Hospitals

Covid-19 Pandemic Has Posed Difficult Challenges on Hospitals

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The very first Covid-19 case was identified in December of 2019 in Wuhan China. Since then, it has spread across the globe and currently is harming the United States. Having such an outrageous number of cases at once, hospitals are constantly overwhelmed with new patients. On the Monday of the last week of March, CBS news gives a great description of what it was like. “The endless echo of sirens, a warning about the state of our nation’s hospitals. From Illinois to Arizona and in the worst-hit state: New York.” 


The hospitals of our nation are undergoing serious problems which include insufficient tests, slow results of tests, shortages of personal protective equipment, and ventilators. Healthcare Finance defines this as a domino effect. With insufficient tests and slow results, this would escalate the number of cases as they can’t be identified as quickly or can’t be identified at all. From there, the hospitals are forced to take in more patients than they usually would which results in a shortage of medical supplies.

On top of that, the staff working at hospitals(doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc.) are also in danger. Not only are they exposed to Covid-19 for a large portion of their time, there is also the risk that they will spread it to their families later on. This pandemic is challenging for everyone so something that everyone can do is to take safety measures in order to stop the spread of this virus.

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