The physician whose 1964 vaccine beat back rubella is working to defeat the new coronavirus

During the times of the pandemic, we have some good news on our hands. Stanley Plotkin, the physician who made the vaccine for Rubella, an unpreceded case of German measles, is now working on a vaccine for the coronavirus. Rubella was known for sweeping over the U.S in 1964. It’s said to have spread twice as fast as the coronavirus, infecting 12.5 million people, approximately every 1 in 15 in the U.S. In most of these people, they had no severe symptoms until the virus was extremely atrocious. Although this virus from the middle of the 1900’s is not widely known, not everybody is sure why since it had spread a lot faster. It’s also interesting how Rubella has found the cure to this for this virus with not a lot of great technology back in the days, but not for the coronavirus, with all of our advanced technology.


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