Chicago Typewriter

In 1934, Dong-A Ilbo reported that Korean-American inventor Song Ki-ju (1900~?) was returning home after completing his Korean typing machine. Song Ki-ju graduated from Yeonhui College in Gangseo, South Pyongan Province, and […]

Plants talk, too.

As people stay at home longer hours during the pandemic , more people are raising “pet plants”. Korean researchers published a study that even without direct contact between plants, a plant neighboring […]

Mask Paradox

As the Covid19 pandemic continues, masks have become a must for everyone. Only a few months ago, masks were worn depending on the level of fine dust in the air, the health […]

How Wind Occurs

Wind is something we have all experienced whether it be slight breezes or strong gusts. Most people believe it to be air moving quickly, which isn’t wrong. But to be more precise, […]